Visit The Car Store in Houston. A used Lexus dealer in Houston Texas offering a great selection of used luxury cars and SUVs for sale. Depending on what you’re looking for, we sometimes have used Lexus IS, RXs, LSs, CTs or GSs, LXs, ESs car and SUV models for sale in Houston at our dealership. We also provide in house financing and will help you get approved for your new Lexus without a credit check.

Lexus is outstanding when it comes to its engineering efforts, they are renown for being the most quiet car on the market. They are the luxurious counterpart of Toyota, much like Acura is to Honda, a trend that in Eastern Asia is popular among car manufacturers. If you are looking for a used Lexus for sale in Houston that we do not currently have in stock, just let one of our attendants know and we will keep an eye out and notify you when that specific year and model becomes available at our dealership.