Visit The Car Store in Houston. A used Infiniti dealer in Houston Texas offering a great selection of used reliable SUV’s and cars for sale. Depending on what you’re looking for we sometimes have used Infiniti Q50s, Gs, QXs, Fxs & more for sale in Houston at our dealership. We also provide in house financing and will help you get approved for your a used Infiniti without a credit check.

Infiniti is a Japanese car company, which is the luxury division of Nissan. The badge is representative of road heading into infiniti, hence the company name. Luxury and elegance at a mid-range price set Infiniti apart from the competition. Infiniti is reknown for their dedication to safety in their designs, offering a curtain of airbags from all angles for added protection. If your looking for a used Infiniti for sale in Houston that we do not currently have in stock, just let one of our attendants know and we will keep an eye out and notify you when that specific model/year becomes available at our car dealership.