Superchargers vs. Turbochargers

TurbochargerIf you are like most of us on planet earth, we hear a term and we understand it kind of but are not really 100% sure what it means or how it affects us. Well (cracking knuckles) all us to share some basic yet pertinent facts about Superchargers and Turbochargers what they do and why they are so cool, or are they? Pros and cons up next!

Almost every engine is eligible to have one of these modifications done to it. So basically air is sucked into the engine and it mixes with the fumes and gasoline and along with the pistons , chambers and spark plugs create combustion. When it comes to these modifications to your engine, you are introducing MUCH more air and it is being forced in, creating a more potent reaction, therefore creating more power instantly without having to dramatically modify or change to a larger engine block.

Superchargers then are usually connected by a belt that turns from the crankshaft of the engine and this motorizes the air compressor attached to it. Turbochargers are nothing more than an air compressor with an exhaust gas turbine. So, superchargers require assistance in order to work and turbochargers run off of the waste and therefore it is more efficient.

What are the advantages of a Turbocharger vs a Superchargers? Well, here you go!


Turbochargers – PROS

1-Efficiency, they run off of energy that is usually wasted anyhow.

2-Bang for your buck – allows your engine to produce a lot more power for less

3-HP increase.

4-Smaller engines typically have better fuel economy and well this is a good thing regardless.


4- Turbochargers tend to work within a certain RPM range and can take a while to charge sufficiently.

3- Loss of control, when the turbocharger does indeed kick in, it can be unsettling and can cause the car to fishtail and make you lose stability.

2-Engine oil consumption, so this is something to keep in mind that you will have to replace the oil more often.

1- There is a lag for it to kick in – a range of RPM and or speed.


Superchargers – PROS

1-instant gratification – no lag

2-Does not require high RPM to kick in.

3-Horsepower boost!



2-They rely on the engine to work so they essential are more taxing for the engine on the whole.

1-Makes the engine weaker, it is exposed to a lot more air and can affect the life of your engine.


If you were to ask which one I would put in my car, well, I would have to say the Turbo, they are less taxing on your engine and allow you the best of both worlds. However if you cannot make up your mind on which to choose, pick ‘em both a practice called Twin charging. So now you have a good idea as to what these terms mean and how they benefit drivers with smaller engines. What we recommend is continue to do some research, find someone who has installed several and who can do it for you on a budget and get going to having some fun with your engine and your car!