Save Gas With These Tips

Car Engine

If you are like most of us here in Houston, we are constantly keeping an eye on the price of gas. When it goes up we start to worry and we start to drive less, we are more aware of our route only trying to use the gas necessary to get you from point A to point B.

What we have learned and what we will be sharing with you are techniques to put into play that will allow you to drive your car like the gas prices do not matter. These are some great gas saving life hacks.

We can all agree that even thought there is a lot of oil in Texas, most of us cannot affect its ascent of descent in price. Having said that what option does the average person have to enjoy this liberty as much as the next guy?

You might be surprised to know how inefficient your car becomes when it is not regularly maintained. How about that if your tires are under inflated or over inflated it can affect the drag, suspension and the efficiency of the engine. Thus making the car perform worse and worse and that great engine that you were so proud of is now just working to get by.

If your car is maintained perfectly it can increase your gas mileage by a minimum of 4%, change the filters to everything! And save every more MPG’s, If your timing belt looks like it is on the fritz, then change it. Since you probably live near or around Houston you know that a major component to any vehicle in this heat is A/C. Ensure that your AC is working properly and not straining and draining energy from the car.

Something so trivial, but if your gas cap is not tight fitting because of the mere nature of gasoline that it fumes up and is very volatile it can begin to dissipate and evaporate right out of your loose fitting gas tank.

Drive the speed limit, it is just good form. When you do not need to weigh your rig down, then do not.