Driving Laws in Texas

traffic-copsEach and everyone of us knows, regardless of what city or state we may be living in there will be rules and regulations, laws that were meant to be enforced.  Here in Houston, it is no different so we would like to take a moment to discuss what traffic violations you can get cited for.  Some of them may be obvious while others may not be.

Here are the top 12 Traffic Laws in our great state of Texas, in no specific order.

1.Illegal U-Turn (Code 545)

The reason this is dangerous is that there are designated roads that are deemed safe enough to have a left arrow and a u-turn ability.  The issue is when the road is not designed this way, oncoming traffic may not expect you to be there and may cause an accident. Therefore it is important to take the extra block, turn, turn, turn again until you get to where you want to go safely. Here in Houston, we always emphasize highway safety.

2.Reckless Driving (code 545.401)

Did you know that reckless driving consists of being distracted, correct?Not focusing 100% on the task at hand.  It no longer only refers to speeding and drag racing or driving under the influence.  The definition of reckless driving has changed in the last 20 years and especially now with the advances in technology people are more addicted than ever. Driving while texting, or even those few seconds between you looking down, scrolling to find a number and pressing send…can be the difference between life and death for you and those in your surrounding. Drive with prudence as though what you are driving could be dangerous in the wrong hands.

3.Running A Red Light (Code 544)

The danger of this is that well, since we learn how to drive and even way way before we are taught that green means go. When we are going through an intersection and the light is green we believe that we indeed have the right of way. This is most often the case, but when a red light is ran, the impact is terrible and very tragic accidents can occur. When the light turns yellow you are supposed to stop, contrary to popular belief, yellow does not mean speedup.

4.Drinking & Driving Violations (Code 49.04)

Alcohol or substance abuse impair your ability to function like you normally would.  This depending on what was ingested can have several different side effect consisting of but not limited to: Dizziness, blacking out, aggressiveness, paranoia, hyperactivity, slow movements, uncoordinated movements, affects your reaction time, your reflexes are slower. This is a violation you never want to be charged with, for you are not only putting your life but everyone Else’s in jeopardy when anyone drives like this. A good way to avoid this is to stay stationary or at home on big holidays.  Drive to and fro when the least amount of people who could be impaired are off the streets.

5.Driving with A Suspended License (Code 521)

License get suspended for a variety of reasons, not paying child support, traffic infractions to name a few. However, once your license is suspended if you drive without one and get pulled over you can get into some big big trouble. If your license was suspended, wait it out, take the bus, take a cab, hire a friend to drive you places, be creative.  Do not get behind the wheel because it will only make matters much much worse.

6.Driving without Registration (Code 502)

What is a the point of the registration? Well, it lets authorities know that the car is lawfully yours.  Which is why when you are pulled over, you are asked for the license and registration.  If your name’s not on the registration you better be able to explain that you are the niece of the car owner or that somehow you have legal access to the car.  If no registration is found at all, the car will most likely be taken to impound until an investigation can take place.

We hope you have found the first six traffic violations helpful. The following six will be in the second part of this article.