Driving Laws in Texas Part II –

cop carAs you can recall from the first part of this article, we have chosen to focus on what the traffic laws in Texas are and what purpose they serve and how to avoid them if at all possible.  Here we continue with our suggestions and advice if you so wish to take it, it might make your life in Houston a little easier.

7.Seat Belt Or Child Restraint Violations (Code 545.412 and 545.413)

This is a relatively new concept, seat belts became popular in the late 50’s and now a days if you do not click your seat belt into the base then your car will chime and chime until you click it in place.  You may think to yourself what an annoying thing to have to constantly deal with and maybe you are right when it comes to the chiming but the concept of seat belts is only one. Your safety.  Seat belts were created to minimize the damage to your body in the event of an accident.  You cannot get 150 stitches in your head if your head never crashed through the windshield.

8.Vehicle Modifications (Code 547)

Some traffic laws are created not by you, but by a committee that gather to analyze the risks and benefits of certain after market modifications and although you may not be in agreement with what they say, you still need to know what these are and how to avoid them.  Window tinting is something that is regulated for example, if your front windshield is too dark then officers and traffic cams cannot see you then there is no way to hold you accountable for something that you do.

9.Speeding (Code 545.351 and 545.352)

Speed limits were created with one goal in mind.  To find the safest speed that most people could probably drive without many incidents. Why do you get a ticket when you are over the speed limit? Because you are putting yourself but more importantly other people who might be in your path in dangers way.  This is why there is such a huge issue with speeding. Did you know the human body is only meant to survive without minimal damage an accident at only 8 MPH for the sake of your internal organs.  Now imagine on a freeway, where the speed limit is 55 MPH yet you are going 110 MPH.  It is much harder to control the car if an issue arises – a blown tire, etc.

10.Driving Without Insurance (Code 601)

The concept of insurance is an interesting one. You pay money each and every month in the off chance that something might happen to you in the future.  So you pay into it, well, when it comes to automotive insurance, you get insured to cover any reparation bills or medical bills that might arise.  Some car insurances also do multi car insurance which is a great and economical way to go to live within the letter or the law.

11.Mechanical Violations (547)

If there are limits placed on the amount of water that can pass through a shower head to limit how much water is used, minimize the wastefulness, then imagine what the limitations on engines there might be. There are NOS (Nitrous Oxide) tanks that a lot of drag racers use, also deactivating chips in some car engines can increase their HP by a substantial amount. Food for thought.

12.Leaving The Scene Of An Accident (Code 550)

As a human being one of the most difficult things to do is leave someone in harm’s way or someone that has been hurt. Leaving the scene of an accident, especially if it is your fault, then it is considered a hit and run and is punishable by law.  Because not only did you inflict damage on someone else, but once you did you left them there, depending on the severity, it could be considered negligent homicide, but then again, it depends on a case by case basis.

We hope that these articles have been informative and have given you something to consider when driving along the streets of our beautiful Houston.