Noisy Car? This Is Why!

noisy cars

Most of us are oblivious of the idiosyncrasy we face on a daily basis with our vehicles, a squeak here a rattle there. We just chuck it up to “I told the mechanic about this when I took the car in and it didn’t make the noise, not even once!” We have all been there, but here is a quick solution guide to deciphering what these mystical noises can be and where they originate.

Sometimes that little buzzing or rattling might be annoying, but it does not suggest that this might not be the preamble to a bigger issue down the road. Repairing cars can be inexpensive if you catch the problem in the early stages, once the engine has fallen apart, it gets very costly. Would it surprise you to know that a large percentage of car crashes are by faulty machinery, everything from transmissions going out to breaks failing and tires being a top contender.

Lots of cars on the road today have hydraulic steering such as the Jaguar X- type from 2004. When this needs more fluid it begins to squeak and whine when the steering wheel is turned. It is almost like the car is whinnying and complaining that it has indeed taken this long.

I order to keep your car running smoothly, in order to get the most resale value on your vehicle, you should become familiar with preventative maintenance. Preventative/routine maintenance like oil changes and brake adjustments and tire rotation and balancing. It is not every Dick and Harry that can understand the complexity of a car engine, but suffice it to say that there are many parts. Parts that need special oils, filters, belts and have to work with a sort of process to propel moment forward.

If you regularly take your car to get the oil changed, if your tires are wearing in a balanced way, then you can even extend the life of your tires a little longer.

What to look for and listen for:

A whislte of a hissing sound, will probably occur after the car is started, maybe even some smoke.
The next time this happens, ditch your date and your plans and take your car to the mechanic, this is not a good sign and could end up being very costly in the future.

If you are in Houston and your car is growling, you might be revered as a tough guy. Unfortunately, you might hear this because of some lose thread on your tires, which can be very scary if you are not expecting it. When it is safe pull over and call AAA, get someone to help you with your tire change if necessary.

When the breaks are on their way out they are squeaky and annoying. Grinding under the hood means that something is not right and that some lubrication is needed. I would take it to your local auto supply place, in Houston, they are everywhere.

Tire Warranties


Think for a second about what might be the most important safety item to keep a constant eye out for, you guessed it, your car’s tires. There are companies that state that their tires have a shelf life of this or that, but the cold hard truth is that cars are susceptible to all kinds of perils on the road in regards to their tires. There could be road debris, nails, or they could just wear out and break apart.

What solutions can you think of in order to achieve this? Having a spare – this is a great solution in the short run. But let’s dig a little deeper, let’s dig into the actual functional life of a tire. First of all most tires are made of rubber and some have fiber, some are smooth for racing or city driving while some are knobby for gripping wet mud and climbing you up the side of a hill.

The rule of thumb is that the tire will last for six years from when it was purchased and installed. However if you have a good eye you can check to see when most of the tread is gone, then it is time to upgrade tires. Luckily for us most car tires sold in the U.S. have thread indicators on them and once these start to peek through the rubber, then it is time to change your tires.

Regardless of what type of tire you buy, the manufacturers offer what is known as tread life warranties. There are a stipulated amount of miles that a specific tire should run smoothly, under normal driving conditions. Two exemptions to this rule must be made, off road vehicles or extreme performance tires like race tires. The normal rules of wear and tear do not apply in these cases.

If the tire has worn out evenly way before the tires life is up, then you may be able to get the tires replaced under the tread – life warranty. This requires proof of purchase so keep onto your receipts.

Some tire companies add a road hazard warranty, in the case that you get a flat, you can take your tire to the company and they will fix it free of charge, if you can prove that you bought the tire there.

When it comes to warranty, tire warranties are like car warranties, there are certain things that you can do that can void this additional perk. If you think of the most important part of your vehicle to check periodically, your tires are it! Maintain them properly, ensure that they are wearing evenly and if not get them rotated. Each tire comes with specific volume limits when it comes to filling the tire with H20 or Nitrogen.

Rotate your tires periodically, do not drag race or spin out with them or go drifting unless you are Kenny Block.