Summer Is Here.  Is Your Car Ready?

Summer car care from The Car Store Houston Regardless of what your day to day job may be, regardless of your age, most of us have fond memories of the summer vacations of our youth.  How the days used to stretch on until forever, how it seemed that summer would never end. Now as adults we wish that our summer days would last just as long, but now we have the added advantage of being able to hop behind the wheel of our new vehicle… and drive out of Houston and hit the road.

Let’s talk road trips, yes, we said it.  Road trip. When you pack your car with your essentials, perhaps some good friends, family, fill up your gas tank and drive.  Head to some new or some old and beloved destination.  Life on the open road can be something of a mystery, there is something mystical about it.  You may expect to encounter a lot of things while on this adventure, but there are some precautions that you can take to ensure that your trip out of Houston is pleasant and that means getting your car summer ready!

Let’s talk car care.  We have developed a quick to-do list that will enable you to cross your t’s and dot your i’s, before you head out on your next driving adventure..

1.    Check your tires, you want to see if there is any visible wear and tear, if any tread remains and if the pressure is accurate.  Also, if you see any bare spots, bubbles or cracks in the rubber, you need to get a new tire, perhaps a new set.
2.    Check the gas cap, that it seals correctly, this can cause gas to evaporate which you will feel at the pump.
3.    Check the hoses, these along with belts can crack and break overtime, if they look frayed, loose or like they may not work, then chances are don’t take the chance and get it fixed.
4.    Check the battery, make sure that there is no corrosion and that the connection is tight and looks good.
5.    Check that your fluids are topped off:
1.    Power Steering
2.    Oil
3.    Transmission Fluid
4.    Break Fluid
5.    Wiper solution
6.    Coolant

Car Store Houston Summer Car Tips There are only advantages to getting your car looked over once before you embark on your summer road trip.  Perhaps the most    important one is peace of mind.  Get out of Houston, get out of town, you have a new car… take it for a spin.

Once you get into the habit of regularly checking your car, then you will undoubtedly have a car that is ready for anything.  There are several advantages of having your car in tip top shape and that is apparent the moment you wish to sell your vehicle.  With car maintenance and in order to have your car ready at the go, you must keep up with its wear and tear.  Get the oil changed when its due, change the filters and get tires when they are due.

Enjoy your summer road trips, but do so in a safe manner, thus not only protecting yourself and those in your car, but other drivers as well. At the Car Store Houston, our goal is to make sure that our customers are well informed, that you receive the pertinent information that you are looking for and that you will continue to work with us.