Worst Aftermarket Car Investments

Sports car

When it comes to making your car unique there are options, my goodness are there options.  There are solutions for everything depending on how deep your pockets go. Now, when it comes to maintaining your car’s value and performance there are aftermarket add on’s that might actually do more damage in the long run.


It is undeniable that maintaining your car’s service appointments is the best way to maintain your car running smoothly into the future. The reliability and longevity of your vehicle depend on how well it is cared for.  Tires, oil changes, ensuring that the fuel you use is the correct type for your car and not abusing of it, like any piece of machinery, it needs to be oiled and well maintained for it to work.


If you think that buying aftermarket parts for your car are going to increase its value it may or may not, here we discuss some purchases that end up costing you more in the long run than they are worth.


Wheels –

If your car comes with some standard “mickey mouse” tires and you decide that you want something edgier, something to enhance grip or performance or can allow for bigger and cooler rims.  What it can do, is reduce your car’s overall performance, comfort and gas efficiency.  Lets say if you have a coupe and want some really slick pirelli wheels that have some really nice 20” rims… this means that the amount of rubber between your rims and wheel base is minimal, looking very cool perhaps but making the ride incredibly uncomfortable because there is not enough to cushion the obstacles on the road.  The same goes for knobby and extreme tires for an SUV or 4X4 rig, they will eat up your gas mileage and adding a lift to your vehicle to accommodate larger wheels can make the vehicle more susceptible to tipping over if the center of gravity is thrown off.


Tinting Windows –

There are advantages and disadvantages to placing dark tints on your windows and or windshield.  Yes, you get privacy and protection from the bright sun rays, but it can also reduce visibility when it is dark out.  There is no real rule nationwide when it comes to rules and regulations regarding windshield tinting specifications.  This means that when you decide to sell your car, you may be limited to where it will be easily sold based off of location because being constantly harassed by police officers is not high on their list of daily chores. These window tints are not inexpensive, they can be several hundred dollars and then you may have to get it removed in order to sell your car, so you may want to opt for a middle of the road tint, something that will offer some anonymity but also allow you to see and remain within the bounds of the state tinting law.


Exhaust systems –

So, the muffler right? Who would want to change that out or adapt it in some way?  There are manufacturers that promise deeper sounds emit from their exhaust than the manufacturer muffler.  Some advertise more power by controlling the escape of said exhaust emitted from the engine. There are strict guidelines set by the EPA regarding emissions test that are mandated every year for your vehicle.  If you install an aftermarket exhaust system you may not pass this test because it may not be coherent with the manufacturers specifications. If said system is not installed properly or if it not congruent with your particular vehicle, premature damage may be done to the underside of your car and it may overheat rust and disintegrate at an accelerated rate.


Personalized Paint Jobs –

They are expensive and if you choose a color that is representative of your personality, like a matte baby blue finish on your rig, then you limit your potential buyers for said vehicle.  Customizing the paint job, may alter or void the warranty for a lot of car manufacturers if the car a newer.  It is almost impossible to get the same quality with an aftermarket paint job as you would get with the factory paint job, before the car is assembled.


Customizing Threads, Messages or Seats –

At times depending on your reasoning you may choose to have your seats or interior modified.  The reason behind this varies of course, some to reduce weight and drag on their vehicles, some just want their name “Charlene” written in stitching in the car. Disadvantages of removing your original seats are that some vehicles are equipped with sensors for safety precautions.  Like the weight sensors that turns passenger airbags off or on depending on weight.  Therefore not deploying if no one or a young adolescent is in the front seat. You may be making your car more dangerous if you remove the original seats which were made specifically to fit within the safety precautions already installed in your car.