Faulty Car Reports and State Sponsored Confusion

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Used cars can be as much as a blessing as they can prove to be an headache when things go wrong.  At Car Store Houston we pride ourselves in offering pertinent information so that you can make an informed decision.  We have ensured that all of our vehicles are free if this type of issue. Issues that are important to be aware of, knowledge is power, so here we provide you with that important information.

Just because a car is advertised as cheap, you may want to take a second look before you buy.  There is a very serious trend sweeping the nation of people, more specifically criminals that try to conceal the real amount of structural damage that a car has. Thus allowing cars to be sold even though they may have been rebuilt after an accident or flood damage due to mother natures wrath.

When insurance companies state that a car is a total loss, this means that the cars title should reflect this “brand”. A brand is a permanent mark, found on the cars title to all future buyers. This can be altered on the title itself with an array of techniques or it can be redone with photo editing software. This can occur or the car can simply be re-registered in another state and the brand falls away.  Therefore making it appear as though the car title is “clean” when it is not.

Each state has its own titling laws, but as of yet there is no national law that prohibits scammers from washing titles. Thus making the cars appear to have clean titles.  The danger of this is that if you do not know what you are driving, how can you know how reliable your car is?  Placing not only you at danger but everyone that is on the road with you.

The statistics are staggering.  According to Carfax there are over 500 taxis in the U.S. and over 800,000 cars overall that have dodgy histories. You may ask yourself, what is the actual risk of buying one of these “washed cars”?  The issue is when you purchase your vehicle, pay the correct price for it and think you are driving off with a steal of a deal. Your car can act in unsuspecting and dangerous ways. Such as your power steering going out or your timing belt failing at an inopportune time.  This is why it’s important to have a mechanic check your vehicle to ensure that the engine isn’t held together by glue.

Car titles and car history are important because they are supposed to inform you about the previous issues you might have had with your car. Words to be wary of are “salvage” which means that the insurance companies deem it a total loss. In most states vehicles that are a total loss can sometimes be repaired and restored but the information must be disclosed.

It is a crime to sell a car that is problematic knowingly. There are report companies such as Experian AutoCheck and CarFax that will sell you a cars history. The truth is there is a large number of cars that are given clean titles in other states. This could be a scare tactic used by these report companies to ensure sales.

There are agencies like the National Insurance Crime Board that works to prevent insurance crime. These issues are most notable when there are natural disasters, like hurricane Sandy that had flooded vehicles that were being sold almost nationwide. Federal legislation was proposed to prevent this from happening but never passed. The issue really lies in the different states definition of “salvaged vehicles”.

There are several states in which these offenses take place more than others, New Jersey, North Carolina and Mississippi. Salvaged card with inconsistent titles are a danger to everyone, for most of these cars are suitable for parts only.

What we recommend is that you do your research and trust the seller of your next vehicle purchase, working with a reputable company is a surefire way to get the best deal for your dollar.

10 Car Companies That Could Cost You

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When it comes to buying a used car, there are some models, some years that are less problematic than others. Depending on what you drive, it may be more costly to own your current car than to get rid of it all together. The excitement can soon dull when the car you have purchased is more costly than the enjoyment of owning it.

There are some car models whose issues can be so daunting, that these cars usually end up at wholesale, thus leaving very little to no earnings.

After several years and several studies regarding the reliability of cars based off their maintenance needs over a period of time. This is a fyi article, which will help you be aware when it comes to buying one of these brands of cars.

It is important to share that this article is bias free, some of these cars work well, some may have issues, our goal is to provide you with helpful information. We focus on overall long term reliability, in no particular order.

• Kia: the older versions of this vehicle, the Rio and Sportage have issues with the head gasket, which have made it less reliable.
• Mini: has dealt with its shares of highs and lows. The sales of this car is amazing but the automatic transmissions of the 1st generation (2001-2006) is problematic. There were so many issues that there is a class action lawsuit against BMW. The cost of replacing the transmission is a difficult pill to swallow.
• Smart: These cars have one model for now, but their transmission is known for being uncooperative. The transmission Bucks when you shift gears. The car sales for this vehicle was much less than expected and hence the car sharing program that they developed with Car2Go.
• Jaguar: is notorious for having bad transmissions and engine problems, especially the S-type, 4 .0 liter V8, most other models seem to be more reliable.
• Volkswagen: Issues with glitchy electronics, issues with automatic transmission, engine sludge, and timing belt issues and mishaps. This is why sales of VW’s in the States have faltered.
• Land Rover: Although a British icon, these cars are cool but not at all inexpensive when it comes to repairs. They have issues with their electrical systems, with transmission, with their engine. Basically, be prepared for a heftier price tag with these vehicles.
• Audi: It seems that older Audi’s were quite problematic, the best news is that the A8 and Q7, seem to be trouble free as of now.
• Suzuki: The Forenza and Verona are incredibly complicated vehicles, which spend more time at the shop than with you. The XL-7 and Vitara are pretty reliable though.
• Mazda: Very big engine issues with the CX-7, along with power train issues with the 626. A different case for the MX-5, which is incredibly reliable.
• Isuzu: Some of their industrial vehicles have great engines but the civilian models seem to not have such great luck. Most Isuzu’s have long term transmission problems and the 3.2 liter engine models have a very serious engine sound that detracts from the experience.

Our goal at Car Store Houston is to help you make the best buying decisions for yourself. We have a variety of vehicles in stock and guarantee that our inventory is tested and reliable. We pride ourselves on being a resource to our neighbors in Houston.